Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Modern Day Housewife

When I think of a modern day housewife, nowadays, I assume the housewife has a day time job too

Unfortunately AND fortunately, we cannot all live the lives our mothers did. My mom was home with us until I was seven and then she went back to school. I was the youngest of three and I think she had a pretty good time while it lasted. She was a good cook, liked to bake, and I don't know if anyone really likes to clean but she did her share and divided the rest of the chores amongst us. All I know, is once my mom, had her bowling, golf and dance aerobics schedules down good, I think my dad decided she had a little too much free time. It is a funny thought, in hindsight. As much as I love to work, I could live that life for a few days a week with no harm done. :) 

Anyways, if I were a modern day housewife, I would want a few of these little extras from Su Casa to make my job more fun! And the maid and the nanny would get to use them too! (Just kidding, if I can dream, I can dream big, right?)

Have a good day

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