Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Days of School

Image from Moulinroty.uk.com

I love the first days of school. They are filled with new clothes, new backpack, brand new sharpened pencils and an exciting anticipation of what waits ahead.

As a parent, you still get to share that same excitement with your child, with your plans to conquer the world, ALL in a year's time. However, as the homework starts to roll in, the sports schedules get divided and the parent meetings begin, I start to feel a little unorganized.

So, with this in mind, I asked, Johanna, my colleague, to help gather some ideas to minimize the daily clutter. By no means, is this a "fix all solution" to scheduling mishaps, but it might make it more fun in the pursuit of things. Who can misplace a funny looking parrot pencil? Or forget an anniversary with a birthday calendar? My favorite is to put everything that goes to school the next day, in a basket that is always by the door. Take a look around and see if anything can help you, make your first days of school easier.

Either way, enjoy the moment.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Making Friends....with Salsa

Image from thedailygreen.com.

I think there is something true to be said about the saying....

"The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Fanny Fern (1811-1872)

I think it goes the same for making friends. So, every time a new friend comes over for dinner, I put my best foot forward. I bring out the "salsa recipe" to warm them up on arrival. (Literally, I suppose.) This is one of my absolute, favorite things to eat. I could eat if for breakfast, lunch and dinner... and often do.

I miss and LOVE the Mexican food from southern California and of course, the whole cultural influence. (Hence, the name of the store, Su Casa). However, I believe, home is where the heart is, and now that we are here in Sweden, I will try to create that atmosphere here.

I will start you by giving you "my secret" salsa recipe to help give you a little southern Cal influence. Try it. I promise you, you will like it. Make it as spicy as you wish and please know this makes for a big bowl for a few guests. It will last and can last up to three days. But, if you like it as much as I do. It will be gone in a day.

I have a few recommendations for you from Su Casa for preparation, serving and storage. I am a true believer of”Everything Matters". Because and if, heavens forbid, you mix up the recipe and it doesn't come out so well, you can just talk about its' pretty bowlserving utensils and how great they are. It's called using an object of distraction. I don't think you will have to, but just in case - always have Plan B.

My favorite serving dishes are from Rice, for a evening-affair the happy-colored Italianware Porslin. And for a more "cool" evening, I would have to go again, with the Guzzini Vintage pieces. They have so many different- sized and playful dishes, great for a taco night party!
So, here you go. Good luck! And don't forget to get some fresh corn tortilla chips to go with it!

Next time, we do fresh guacamole!



2 Large Avocados
2 Large Tomatoes
2 Large Onions

1 Fresh jalapeño
1 Bunch fresh cilantro (coriander)
2 Cans crushed tomatoes (approximately 16 ounces)
1 Can green chilies
1 Jar sliced jalapenos (use 1/3 jar with the juice)
Garlic salt
Lemon pepper
Lemon juice
Lime juice


Slice up the avocados, tomatoes and onions into small pieces and put together into a bowl. Squeeze the lemon and lime juice over the mix. Set aside.

In a food processor, mix together the remaining ingredients. I would start by putting in the bunch of cilantro and fresh jalapeño first, to ensure that they are properly diced, then add the remaining ingredients. Once, all the ingredients are mixed together, take out of the food processor and add to bowl of the freshly cut avocados, tomatoes, and onions. Mix together. I usually add to my liking, more lemon or lime juice, as I taste the first dip.

Rice Italianware Porslin
Rice Italianware Serving Platters

Friday, August 20, 2010

Baking Favorites

Here are some of our baking favorites for the moment at Su Casa. There is a mix of items to warm up a rainy day. Who can say no to hot tea and chocolate cake? No one, I know. At least, if I did know them, I would be sure to change that right away!


No receipes today, but you can find a lot of cool cake receipes at:


Wednesday, August 11, 2010



I think they do everything right. I fall back in love with them, as each new season rolls around. I think there is something for everyone. I look through that catalog and I see a mix of modern, a hint of industrial and a softness of ethnic qualities. And each season, it is fresh, with new colors, that I promise, I will never get tired of and I don't. Its just that new colors come the next season and I use them for different uses and in a different rooms of the house.

On one hand, I know we are all individuals and we do have tastes and styles. But with House Doctor, I think that everyone can find one thing that they like. Even if we had all the same products in our homes, we would use them in unique ways. At least, I think so.

Anyways, I think you should make your own opinion. Take a few of your minutes to explore the Moments 2010 catalog on line.

One suggestion: You might want to grab a cup of tea and fika, before you settle down. I have a funny feeling you might be there for awhile.

Hope you enjoy.

With kind regards,

House Doctor's Winter -  Moments 2010

House Doctor Printed Boxes
House Doctor Winer Moments
House Doctor Flowers
House Doctor Lamp

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Salad tonight, please.

Mixed berry salad photo from Martha Stewart.com.

One thing I miss most about southern California is the array of salad choices we have. You could literally go out to lunch and dinner, three weeks in a row and order a different salad every time. So Cal chefs just have that salad thing down right. I have one favorite I would like to share, as berry season nears its peak, and it’s the Mixed Berry Salad from the Nordstrom Cafe. There is nothing more pleasurable than a day of hiking (aka shopping) through South Coast Plaza and end in the Nordstrom Cafe with a Mixed Berry Salad and a cinnamon ice tea. It’s the small pleasures in life.

I am a big fan of "improvising" the recipe to adapt it to your needs. I have learned the hard way, living abroad, that it can be quite time consuming searching for the "exact" ingredient. So, test the recipe and to your liking, make it your own. It is always nice to have a new little "special" salad before dinner or as a whole meal in itself.

If you are wondering what inspired me? Please take a look at the lovely new salad spinners from the Guzzini Latina Collection pictured below. I think the salad spinners are so cool. They have see-through-colored tops with a cool shapely bottom, in red, green, yellow and transparent. In my thoughts....if you buy a salad spinner, you will have it for years. So, you might as well buy a nice one, that inspires you to be healthy. :)

On the bottom picture, are the Guzzini salad bowls from their Vintage Collection. They come in four different sizes ranging from 30cm down to 7cm in a range of colors. Su Casa currently only carries them in yellow, purple, red and green, but is open to special requests. A little tid bit about the bowls, they are from the same model Guzzini made in the 1950's. It is a timeless classic.

Here is the recipe. I hope you enjoy the salad as much as I do. If you get stuck on any of the ingredient list items, Google Translate does wonders. Or the measurements, try this Conversion Chart.

Let me know what you think.


1 cup Blackberry walnut vinaigrette
10 cups Baby mixed greens
10 oz Grilled chicken
3/4 cup candied walnuts
9 Large strawberries quartered
1/3 cup Feta cheese
24 Raspberries
12 Blackberries


6 ounces Champagne vinaigrette
1/4 cup Blackberries
2 tablespoons Toasted walnuts
1 tablespoons Brown sugar
Salt and pepper to taste


Pour champagne vinaigrette into blender and add blackberries, walnuts, brown sugar, salt and pepper. Blend on medium speed until well combined. Place the dressing in the bottom of a mixing bowl. Add balance of ingredients, except berries, and toss to coat. Last add berries and gently toss to distribute. Serve with a few candied walnuts and/or extra berries for garnish.

Guzzini Salad Spinners from the Latina Collection come in two sizes 28 and 22cm..

Guzzini Vintage Salad Bowls come in four sizes 30, 25, 20 and 12cm.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Picnic Favorites

As the summer days come towards thier end, we can still savor a few more days with blanket and basket in hand, for a walk in the wilderness. Here are a few great picnic finds we have chosen for these moments. For me, I am an optimist, I won't take down that sun umbrella until the first sign of a snowflake. Enjoy!

p.s. Love the wine box. Who doesn't need one of those?

To see more of our picnic selection, please visit us at http://www.sucasa.se/sv/grp/picknick.php