Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Table Setting

Setting the table.... one of my favorite things to do before guests arrive. I figure, if all else fails in the kitchen, the focus will be on the beautiful atmosphere and conversation. :)

Here I set the table for an early summer dinner. I love to mix colors, texture and materials. I chose the palette of green and white with hints of yellow, like a summer's field of wild flowers.

The dinner plates and coffee cups are a mix of House Doctor's Linen plates with Rice's Italianware porcelain. The glasses are from House Doctor from their beautiful vintage glass collection. I love them. All glasses tend to be a different shade of color with different engraving characteristics. You can find them on our website at .

I used two tall glass hurricanes, one with candle and one with flowers as the centerpieces. Rule #1 in decorating the table; always start with the centerpiece, that way you can tell the story from there.

Small details: Vintage silverware from Chehoma, white crochet napkins and table cloth from House Doctor, and candles from Villa Collection.

The beauty of setting the table is that it is individualistic and can be different every time! It is exciting to go to someone's house and see the ambience they set before you. They are creating that mood for you. So enjoy decorating! Have fun! And remember Plan B, (after Plan A - delicious dinner) Plan B - beautiful atmosphere.

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